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If you are an expectant parent we would love to meet with you. We encourage families to visit our practice. We can schedule a tour of the office, meet each providers and the staff, and to ask any questions. 

Upon arrival we visit newborns at Bayfront Baby Place,simply inform your obstetrician and the hospital staff that you have chosen our office to be your child's primary care doctor. Our office will be notified of your baby's birth, and one of our providers will check your newborn each day in the hospital until discharged home. 

If your baby is born at a different hospital, the attending pediatrician affiliated with that facility will care for your baby while in the hospital.  

We are happy to see babies born at other facilities, including birthing centers.

Upon discharge, call our office to schedule a newborn visit.

Your baby's first visit with us should be scheduled 3-5 day after discharge from the hospital, again at 2 weeks of age, 1 month of age, and then in accordance with the vaccine schedule listed below. Once your child is 3 years of age, wellness visits are scheduled annually.

We follow a vaccine schedule supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics. If you would like more information about vaccines or about altertive vaccine schedule, please schedule an appointment to speak with a provider. 


BIRTH- Hepatitis B

2 months: Immunuzations given Pediarix (DTAP,Hep B, Polio),Prevnar,Rotateq,Hib

4 months: Immunuzations given Pediarix (DTAP,Hep B, Polio),Prevnar,Rotateq,Hib

6 months: Immunuzations given Pediarix (DTAP,Hep B, Polio),Prevnar

1 year: Immunuzations given Prevnar,Hib,MMRV, HgB, lead screen

15 months: Immunuzations given DTAP,Hepatitis A

2 years: Immunuzations given Hepatitis A, HgB, Lead screen

2 1/2 years: No vaccines (unless missing doses)

3 years: No vaccines (unless missing doses)

4 years: Immunizations given Kinrix (DTAP/IPV) Proquad (MMRV)

5 years of age, your child will need to be scheduled for their "Kindergarten physical"

11-12 years: Immunizations given TDAP,Menveo, Gardasil

16-17 years: Immunizations given Menveo booster, Bexsero


Insurance coverage with newborn babies

Please know your insurance requirements when it comes to adding your child to your insurance plan. Most insurance plans require that you notify them within 30days after the baby's birth. So, please contact your insurance company at your earliest convenience to avoid any delays or problems with claims and authorizations.

You should receive a new insurance card for your child within 30 days of enrollment. Please verify that we are listed as your child's primary care physician.